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The icebreaker speech sample will help anyone worried about doing their first speech.

The first time you get a chance to do a speech in front of a crowd is a huge challenge. Especially if your audience is new to you. The amount of pressure you feel will be multiplied. Usually, when you are doing the first speech to a crowd, it is called an “Icebreaker”.

In this article, I will briefly talk about the icebreaker speech. I will share an icebreaker sample speech for you to get started.

What is an Icebreaker speech?

Icebreaker speeches are designed to help both the speaker and the audience to get to know each other. This can help you to break the ice between you and your audience.

When you join the Toastmasters Club you have to do an icebreaker speech. Usually, after you join the club, you will be assigned to a senior member (mentor) and also you have to select a pathway program.

I chose the “Presentation Mastery” pathway program. Usually, that is the recommended program if you are a new member. So in this program, they have guided steps for you to get ready for your icebreaker.

What are the objectives of an Icebreaker speech?

The main objective of doing an icebreaker speech is to introduce yourself to the other members. At the same time by completing the icebreaker speech, you will learn how to prepare and structure a public speech properly.

You have the chance to establish yourself as a member of the club. By sharing your personal stories and your goals you can form a good relationship with your club members. Remember you need your member’s help to be a great toastmaster. They are one of the important parts of your success.

Icebreaker Speech Sample

This is the first speech I delivered as a Toastmaster. I was nervous and I made a lot of mistakes. But I will share the whole speech as it is without any changes.

Fortunately, I won the best-prepared speech award for my speech. But after I got the evaluation I realized I included too much information here. Because of that, I had to speak dast to finish within the allocated time. So If you are going to read this speech make sure to structure your speech to finish within 4 to 6 minutes.

Enjoy my icebreaker speech sample.

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to introduce yourself to the club and learn the basic structure of a public speech. 

Overview: Write and deliver a speech about any topic to introduce yourself to the club. Your speech may be humorous, informational, or in any other style that appeals to you. 

Time 4- to 6-minute

Title: Saying It’s ok

Dear Toastmaster of the day and my fellow Toastmasters let me start this icebreaker by giving you a challenge. 

I hope you have a good memory.  So, I challenge you to remember my name by the end of this speech. And I’m going to say it only twice. 

The other day when I went to the clinic to get vaccinated, I had to wait in front of the nurse at the reception for a few minutes. She was beautiful in her pink uniform. First, she looked at me, and then she looked at the application I wrote. And I knew she was struggling to say my name. 

Then she started calling my name. 

” ke……..heru…….wa……raga..” 

She looked like a foreigner who tried to read Japanese for the first time. 

So I smiled and said.”It’s ok. Don’t worry. Its Kehelwala Gamaralalage Kalinga Nirosh”

As a Sri Lankan, I have a pretty fantastic, long name. When I`m introducing myself to foreigners, especially to beautiful Japanese ladies, I repeat my name several times. I consider it a fortune.  It gives me a chance to interact with people more


I was born and raised in Sri Lanka. Although I like eating spicy foods, when I moved to Japan I fell in love with Somen. My first introduction to Japan was Kyokushin karate. As a small kid, I watched my brother practising karate.  For a while, I thought Japanese people always greet each other with “oss”. 

The first time someone punched me in the face I didn’t tell It’s ok/Daijoubu desu. I Said some nasty things. and I went home and said to my father I’m not going back. My father is a tough man. He was working as a military officer.  He holds my shoulders. And said “It’s okay to get punched in the face. Because that’s how life works. But it’s never ok to quit.” 

The next day I punched the bully without any fear. Unfortunately, my mom got mad at me for getting into a fight and my father got scolded for giving bad advice.

Anyway I started to say “It’s ok” to challenges and

At the age of thirty, I got a chance to study abroad. I chose Japan. leaving my family and home was one of the hardest decisions I made. But I said to myself “It’s ok”.

living in a foreign land without your family and friends is difficult and it’s a challenge. 

But I like challenges. I usually watch TED talks and inspirational speeches. When I watched Toastmaster Dhananjaya Hettiarachchis’s speech it motivated me to challenge myself. 

So I decided to join a Toastmasters club and sent emails to several clubs. I got two replies. One was short and the other one was long. I read the long email and decided to join that club. During the first meeting, I tried to find someone looks like me. But I was the only foreigner. At the end of the meeting, they held a chat time and asked me so many questions.

So I asked myself “Am I ready to join this club? I am the only foreigner here. I can’t speak fluently”

But I said to myself “It’s ok。”

My fellow Toastmasters, here I am, doing my first Icebreaker in front of prestigious members of this club and I feel happy. This was possible because I decided to say “It’s okay” to the challenges I faced.

This life is full of challenges. But by saying it’s ok to your worries, to your negative feelings you can turn those challenges into opportunities. No matter which age we are or which background we are from let’s make our life more colorful by saying it’s ok.

As for the challenge, I know some of you couldn’t remember my name. For that, I say It’s ok. Because we have enough time to get to know each other. And I thank you all for making me feel welcome in this club. 

Over to you Toastmaster of the Day.


Icebreaker speech is the chance to introduce yourself to your audience. It helps anyone to break the ice between them and their audience. In Toastmasters, you can follow the icebreaker assignment. It will help to structure your icebreaker speech properly.

Icebreaker is the best opportunity to make a great impression. So grab the attention of your audience, share your life story, and tell them your goals.

Here I shared my first speech. This Icebreaker speech sample will help you to get an idea. If you need any other information leave a comment below and subscribe to our newsletter.

Good luck with your icebreaker speech. You can do this. Be brave. Speak without fear.

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