about me

I failed in many attempts throughout my life. But still, I choose to try.

My name is Kalinga. After spending nearly thirty years of my life in Sri Lanka, I moved to Japan in search of a new life. I’m working as a digital marketer.

Although I’m still learning (Japanese, and English) I have a passion for public speaking. I find joy in writing.

Over the years I’ve met many people who struggle to find their voice. Many of them are excellent at their subjects. They know what to talk about. But struggling to find their voice.

Being a non-native English speaker I’ve been bullied a few times when I tried to speak publicly. First I was furious. But with time I found the courage to develop a growth mindset. And also I found the right people who support and educate me.

I’m still on the path to becoming a great public speaker. Every moment I try to learn something new. This blog is a part of that journey.

I want to encourage and inspire anyone who is trying to find the strength to speak fearlessly.

Whether you are a student or a CEO, you might be struggling to find the courage to stand up in front of a crowd. I will share my experience, will post different techniques, and write stories for you to gain confidence.

You are not alone. Anyone can SPEAK fearlessly. Let’s find our voice.

Write to me – contact@lifeugly.com