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We Talk about how to be better communicators. Here you will find different strategies, tips & tricks that help anyone to be better at public speaking. Read the stories of normal people, who found the courage to speak confidently. And be inspired.

"He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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A man speaking a Funny Persuasive Speech
20 Funny Persuasive Speech Topics That Will Have Your Audience Laughing AND Learning
Public speaking. These two words can send shivers down even the most confident people on earth. But fear not, speech enthusiasts! Here’s the secret weapon you’ve been waiting...
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How to write a funny persuasive Speech
How to Write a Funny Persuasive Speech: From Crickets to Cheers in 3 Easy Steps
Have you ever dreamt of delivering a speech that’s both hilarious and persuasive? Imagine this: you take the stage, ready to present your ideas. But instead of the usual glazed-over...
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A public speaker delivering a humorous opening joke to a captivated audience.
22 Good Opening Jokes for a Speech: Kickstart Your Speech!
Do you know the value of using good opening jokes for a speech? Picture this: You’re about to give a speech. Butterflies fly in your stomach, the spotlight shines bright, and...
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A confident person standing at a podium, addressing a captivated audience, using great speech opening line.
32 Great Speech Opening Lines: Captivate Your Audience From the First Word
Using great speech opening lines is your greatest opportunity to captivate your audience. It’s the moment you get attention, spark curiosity, and set the tone for a powerful message. But...
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A diverse audience of people laughing and enjoying a presentation, emphasizing the power of funny speech opening lines.
40 Funny Speech Opening Lines: Make 'Em Laugh Before You Even Begin!
Think of your speech opening line like the first bite of a delicious meal – it sets the tone and leaves you wanting more. A well-crafted, funny speech opening lines can instantly break...
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Speech structure template by lifeugly.com for free use
The Anatomy of a Powerful Speech: Mastering the Art of Speech Structure
“If a speech is like a sandwich, then the speech structure is the bread. Without it, you’ve just got a messy pile of ingredients.” — Anonymous 😁 Have you ever wondered...
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Why I choose to speak

I remember the first time I got a chance to speak in front of an audience. It was nerve-wracking. What made it worse was, that I had to deliver it in ENGLISH (which is not my mother tongue). So I did the only thing I knew. I just ran away from the opportunity. 

Join this journey

For many people, standing in front of a crowd and speaking is one of the hardest things in the world. I know that feeling. I started this journey to inspire and motivate people to find their courage. We are stronger than we think. So stay active in this journey. Let‘s build the life we all deserve. Together.